Why Have You Stopped Praying? πŸ€”

Why Have You Stopped Praying? πŸ€”

If you opened this it’s because you’ve stopped praying. Sure, you might pray for your food before you eat it or you might pray when you’re asked to at church but you’ve stopped praying real prayers.

You’ve stopped praying for your lost family member to get saved. You’ve stopped praying for God to bring revival to America. You’ve stopped praying for your teenager’s heart to turn back to God.

You love God. You know He loves you back. You care about Him. You didn’t mean to stop talking to Him it just happened…

So why? Why have you stopped?

You weren’t seeing your prayers get answered.Β 

It can be so frustrating and disappointing when our request doesn’t get answered like we want it to. You might think, “Why did God not heal my mom of this disease?” or “Why did I get laid off when I asked God for a raise?”

Have you ever thought about the unanswered prayers in the Bible? David prayed for his child to live yet he died. Paul asked God to remove his thorn yet it stayed nagging him for years. I’m sure people prayed for God to release John the Baptist from prison yet he was beheaded at the request of a whiny, guilty wife.

God’s biggest project isn’t your prayer request…it’s you. God uses prayer to change you. He uses it to show you that you need Him. He uses it to show you that He’s sovereign.

You let sin stop you.

You ever tried to talk to somebody who was on the other side of a wall? The sound was muffled, you had to ask them to repeat themselves and you end up yelling at each other. Your sin always causes separation. It separates you from talking to God. David said it like this inΒ Psalm 66:18, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.”

Confess your sin. Tell God what it is. Ask Him for His help to overcome.

You didn’t have a time or place to pray.Β 

You’ve heard the old saying, “To fail to plan is to plan to fail” or “what gets scheduled gets done.” Set a time and place to pray. You might miss a day but get right back up the next day and go pray. Every day is a fresh 24 hours to love God, please Him, and talk with Him.

Psalm 5:3 “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”Β 

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