Give Your Stewardship a Boost Today!

Give Your Stewardship a Boost Today!

You can be a faithful steward. You have what it takes. You might have made mistakes in the past in your leadership, finances, health, etc. but you can do this. Review these 5 actions to being a faithful steward and do 1 of them when you’re done reading. You got this!

1. Inspect what you expect 
Your word is only as good as you make it. When you give a task to someone – student, child, employee – follow up with them. If you don’t inspect, you are hurting your team. You are missing out on an opportunity to praise their work which causes them to grow in their abilities and confidence.

2. Think ahead
Those who fail to plan and look ahead are shocked when suddenly something is due. Look ahead on the calendar for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions that you want to bless others and save up for it. Use a budget, set appointments for work and family and stick to them.

Proverbs 14:15 “The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.”

3. Take inventory of your own limitations
You do not have all the gifts. When Paul wrote to Timothy he instructed him to use his gift but also gave him the tools needed to train up others around him. Craig Groeschel says it this way, “Anytime you overestimate your own importance, you unintentionally undervalue the leaders around you. If they feel undervalued they either will not grow or will not stay.”

4. Invest into old and new relationships 
John Acuff gave some wise advice in his book, “Start Over”, “Want to know how to be awesome at just about everything you do? It’s simple. Don’t be a jerk.”You can do that. You can choose to build bridges everywhere you go instead of ruining relationships. If you want to be a faithful steward, make relationship deposits into everyone around you.

5. View every opportunity as a test for the bigger ones
He was only a young man with a dream when his family betrayed him. He was sold into slavery, lied about, and tossed into prison. Yet this young man rose to become the second most powerful leader in all of Egypt. Joseph rose to amazing heights because he had favor with God but he also used every opportunity he was given whether he was in a pit, a prison, or a palace.

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