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Reading is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Reading opens your mind to thoughts, possibilities, ideas, and solutions. Paul knew that reading God’s Word was important so he wrote to Timothy, “Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.” Reading God’s Word is essential to your relationship with God.

Everything in God’s Word is truth. But not all of life’s answers are found in God’s Word. For example, you can’t find out which oil to put in your car from the Bible. You read your owner’s manual for that. You can’t help your teenager with their Geometry homework by reading the book of Numbers, you need Google or Youtube. You don’t know what a Roth IRA is from reading the Bible, you ask your financial advisor or read a finance book.

It’s important that you are saturating your mind with good, quality material, especially books. Every week I have my staff read a book about leadership, ministry, or business. Here are the books from the month of April that I wanted to share with you.

Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger 

“We don’t learn from experience, we learn by reflecting on experience.”

“It is not so much that God has a mission for his church in the world, but that God has a church for his mission in the world.”

“When trust is lost, the journey is over.”

Letters to the church by Francis Chan

If you have to use marketing and the lures of entertainment to attract people then you will have to keep them there on the same principle because that is what people buy into. Win them with entertainment and you have to keep them there by entertaining them. – Allen Hirsch

“If prayer isn’t vital for your church then your church isn’t vital.”

“If you can accomplish your church’s mission without daily passionate prayer then your mission is insufficient and your Church is irrelevant.”

“If we obey only when it feels natural then Jesus is not really Lord of our lives.”

“Go to church ready to serve instead of wanting.”

A Game Plan for Life by John Wooden

“There is nothing you know that you haven’t learned from someone else”

“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time then when will you have the time to do it over?”

“Mentoring is about telling people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.”

“The worst thing you can do for the one you love is to do the things they could do and should do by themselves.”

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