What is your ONE THING?😃

Recently on a Sunday night, I preached a message about what is the one thing that you know that you should be doing for God yet you aren't? Friend, I know that there are many activities, ball games, parties, and business opportunities calling for your attention this summer. But what is the one thing that God…

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Why Is Everybody Around Me a Problem?😤

Have you ever stopped and thought - everybody around me is messed up! You can easily find faults with others. Complain and gossip all that you want. But beware, you will get more of what you are! If you are an abundant, generous, blessed person then that’s who you attract to yourself. If you are an insecure, stingy,…

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When’s Your Miracle Coming? 🙌🏻

As you look into your own life and question things that are happening around you and in your family, you are looking for some miracles. Maybe you need to see a miracle to make your rent payment, or to solve the situation with those complaining employees, or a miracle of healing over a disease. Never forget…

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