The Best is Yet to Come!

If you had the choice between good, better, and best which would you choose? Do you like the original Chick-fil-A sandwich or do you get the deluxe sandwich with large fries (and extra sauce of course)? Would you rather have your golf game be 8-over par or 8-under par? As Jesus talked with his disciples, He explained to them…

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Are you worshipping Jesus this Christmas?

Our culture really likes to focus on our personal happiness. We buy Netflix subscriptions, purchase Disneyland passes, and get the car with the heated seats. This is so evident at Christmas time as malls are packed with busy shoppers, parking garages are jammed full with anxious parents, and UPS lines are out the door as we send…

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Make your Christmas a Success!

Christmas is full of many wonderful memories. Christmas movies, lights, hot chocolate, and cold weather all make for good times. But what do you do when such a joyous season is threatened by a bad attitude, rude customers, or unthankful relatives? These 8 tips and verses will strengthen your spiritual resolve during the holidays. 1. Keep…

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