Why Have You Stopped Praying? 🤔

If you opened this it's because you've stopped praying. Sure, you might pray for your food before you eat it or you might pray when you're asked to at church but you've stopped praying real prayers. You've stopped praying for your lost family member to get saved. You've stopped praying for God to bring revival to…

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Your pain is real and it hurts.

Pain is inevitable in this life. Pain is defined as physical suffering or discomfort. You might be experiencing emotional pain from the loss of a loved one or the physical pain of cancer. Perhaps your pain is from childhood abuse or a spouse breaking your heart. One thing we can all agree on is that pain is real and…

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How’s Your Heart? ❤️

When you are experiencing pain in your chest and you drive to the hospital, you will immediately have an EKG done on you. The Electrocardiogram shows the rhythm that your heart is going through. The EKG will show any irregularities that your heart has which is being caused by deeper problems. Have you ever taken a spiritual…

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