Replenish: Book Review

I recently read this book while on vacation and it really helped my heart. God loves us and wants for us to lead from a healthy soul. The way to a healthy soul is by following God’s principle of rest. Here’s a few nuggets gleaned from the book:

– The “unseen” does not equal unimportant.
– When my values get clear, decisions get simple. Not easy, but simple. Simplicity is not necessarily about doing less. It’s about using your priorities to filter opportunities and options.
– After God created the world, the Bible says, he “rested.” He did so not because He was worn out from creation, but to model for us a rhythm of work and rest.
– It’s the space between the notes that makes the music.
– If you can start to create the spaces between the notes, you will discover that the noise of your life will actually turn into music.
– Good Question: What are some practical steps you can take to raise the value
of people in your ministry?
– Abiding in the Vine not only produces fruit, but makes us strong and couragoues.
– It’s not primarily the “cause” and/or the “community” that sparks courage, it’s communion with the Father.
– Good Question: For you personally, what tends to crowd out prayer in your life?
– Great Focus Principle: Intention precedes attention – Where is Waldo?
– Clarity is the preoccupation of the effective leader. If you do nothing else as a leader, be clear.
– The conversation is the relationship. (Philippians 3:20-21)

Two good questions to ask people.
1) What has God been teaching you lately?
2) How is it with your soul?

Celebrate: Shine a light on what is right. Make heroes of your team members.
(Our church is going to implement weekly volunteer acknowledgements)

The 10 Commandments of Technology and teams
1) Thou shalt not use email to deliver bad news.
2) Thou shalt not put anything in email that you would not mind having forwarded.
3) Thou shalt not email or chat online during meetings.
4) Thou shalt not use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).
5) Thou shalt be more personal than professional.
6) Thou shalt keep emails short and to the point.
7) Thou shalt not text or take calls while in conversation or in a meeting.
8) Thou shalt not call or email people on their day off.
9) Thou shalt use email for prayer and encouragement.
10) Thou shalt give phone/email/facebook/twitter a sabbath.

Old chinese proverb says, “If we don’t change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up in the direction we are headed.” Look ahead, if you stay on the path you are traveling where will you end up?

This book helped me to realize the importance of rest and setting the proper rhythm in life.

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