Faith Steps

Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” – James 2:17

There are many people with good intentions waiting to make a godly decision of faith. The problem with good intentions is that there is no action/ true genuine faith tied to them. Its been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I want to encourage you to take the necessary steps of faith that God is calling you to do.

Here are 4 basic concepts about emotions that will help you and those you are trying to minister to take godly steps of faith:

1) Act first – When you know the truth of God’s will from Scripture telling you to do something, don’t wait. Many people are waiting on a feeling. Feelings always succeed actions and never precede them. When we act on a decision we have been neglecting, there is usually a good feeling that follows. The best thing to do is immediately act on truth when God tells you to from Scripture.

2) Emotions will vary – Every person is different, so don’t think everyone will experience the same thing. It’s always wise to do right and let your feelings follow a godly decision.

3) Expectations can be misleading – Anticipation of a certain event often times builds unrealistic expectations. Sometimes our imaginations are fueled by other people’s experience and therefore we get an exaggerated and preconceived outcome. The best thing to do is to take God at His word and trust Him with the outcome.

4) Always do Right – Our motivation for life should never be built around a feeling. It will always please God when we do right. Don’t let the Devil stop you by causing you to wait on a feeling. Do right and you will feel great afterwards, because you’re pleasing God.

These steps are good for encouraging both unbelievers and believers alike to follow God by faith.  An unsaved person can be led to accept the Lord immediately after hearing the gospel without having to wait on a feeling. The believer can be exhorted to follow the written Word of God and  to do the revealed will of God, despite how they feel. Everyone who chooses to trust God by faith will be blessed big time when they act on the truth, leave the feelings, and resolve to follow righteousness.

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