God wants to fill you

God wants to fill you with encouragement and peace today. He says in the Bible “I am with you. I take pleasure in you. Be strong. Go to work. I will fill you. I will bless you. I have chosen you. I give you my peace.” The best is yet to come. There’s greater glory coming…

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Resurrection Day Praise Report

Our church celebrated the Resurrection of our Blessed Lord this weekend. It was truly the greatest Easter we have ever had as a church. I am so highly encouraged and overwhelmed with the response of our friends, family and community to come worship Jesus together. Here's a quick list of the blessings I am rejoicing over…

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4 Fold Focus of Soul Winning

It's time to make God's heart happy by going soul winning! His last command should be our first priority. Don't let the things of this world make you disobedient to the heavenly vision. Our purpose is to glorify the Lord and the way we do that is by sharing the gospel and making disciples. People need…

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