The Law of Abundance

According to your faith be it unto you - Jesus What we truly believe, according to to the will and power of God, we receive. Jesus encourages our faith. He even welcomes us to ask and receive that our joy will be full. God is not limited. He is abundantly limitless in all His attributes. He…

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Are you overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed? Too much to do and no extra time? Perhaps you NEED to sit still a while. It’s the exact opposite of what your flesh wants to do, but its the most important option for your spiritual health and well being. Jesus is calling you. He wants to take your stress, anxiety, worry, fears,…

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Run your race!

Run your race! Daily review and write your goals. Ask God for guidance and determination to pursue your purpose. Decide in advance to be a finisher. Get up and go one step at a time with specificity of direction and skillfulness of passion. You can do this. Set your goals and run with purpose and passion…

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